Roberta Luster

6 June 1879 – 7 July 1920, buried in Evergreen Cemetery

The beautiful memorial to Roberta Luster.

Roberta Luster is not among lists of “notable” African Americans buried at the historic black cemetery Evergreen in Richmond, Virginia, but her gravesite is a popular stopping point by guests to the cemetery because her monument is one of the most beautiful and poignant. Who was Roberta Luster and why did someone choose such a beautiful way to remember her?

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Following (for search purposes) are names of persons mentioned in the PDF, including their birth and death dates when known. All persons are thought to have been born in Richmond or nearby Henrico County unless otherwise noted. Note that many of those with the last name Luster started using Lester sometime between 1919-1920. Patronymic names of women are underlined.

  • Roberta (Bertie) Brent Luster – b. 6 June 1879; d. 7 July 1920
  • William Brent
  • Henrietta (patronymic unknown) Brent
  • Ella H. (patronymic unknown) Brent
  • Charles Brent – b. 1881
  • Henry Brent – b. 1890
  • William Thomas Luster – b. 1895
  • Joseph (Joe) (middle initial T.) Luster – birth date variously reported as 1851, 1860, 1864, 1867, 1868
  • Lillie Luster – b. 1898
  • Laura Luster – b. 1900
  • Lenora Luster – b. 1906
  • Henry Brent – b. 1890
  • Cornelia Johnson Luster – b. 1897
  • Thelma Luster – b. 1916
  • Dorothy Luster – b. 1918
  • Lillie Brent Watson

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