2120 Hanover Ave

Row house at 2120 Hanover

It is raining now, so I imagine it has been raining then. It is morning, and Massie Nolting has stepped out his front door at 2120 Hanover Avenue. He looks up to see a gray sky. At the urging of his wife, he has pulled a black wool frock coat over his loose-fitting Edwardian suit. He won’t need the coat’s throat strap; it is unseasonably warm for a winter day — but the weather can change at a moment’s notice in Richmond, you never know. He pulls his black homburg hat a little lower over his eyes against the light mist that meets him as he steps down the stoop; his unopened umbrella is insurance in case the rain becomes heavier. He is glad of the respite — from the cold of winter and from the heavy rain which he had heard falling last night. He has a bit of a walk to the trolley, and then the ride will take some time. His office is on North 6th Street, and he is on his way to work. It is 1909.

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Following (for search purposes) are names of persons in the studied family or persons closely associated with it, including their birth and death dates when known. All persons are thought to have been born in Richmond or nearby Henrico County unless otherwise noted. Patronymic names of women are underlined.

  • R. (Richard) Massie Nolting (Sr.) – b. 5 October 1872; d. 8 September 1941
  • Janet (Janetta) Carter Morris Nolting – b. 15 September 1871 (variant: 1874); d. 2 March 1944
  • Sarah Thompson Nolting – b. 1850
  • George A. Nolting, Jr. – b. 1877
  • Sue Massie – b. 1848
  • Blanch Turner – b. 1882
  • George Augustus Nolting (Sr.) – b. 1837; d. 1900
  • Richard Massie – b. 1807
  • Walter H. P. Morris – b. 1839; d. 1910
  • Janetta Carter Harrison Morris – b. 1844; d. 1909
  • John M. Nolting
  • George Nolting – b. 1836; d. 1900
  • Sarah T. (patronymic not known) – b. 1847; d. 1929
  • Mary Nolting – b. 2 December 1910
  • Richard Massie Nolting, Jr. – b. 22 November 1912
  • Janetta Nolting – b. 1916
  • Nora Gray (NFI)

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