R. D. Lingo


On Christmas Eve, 1946, Davis Lingo pulled up the chair in his office in Milton, Delaware, and placed a sheet of Caravan Bond paper into his typewriter. Filled with nostalgia, he wrote a love poem to his wife, Sarah, whom he had married 36 years ago that day. He entitled it, “Just My Girl.” There had been “days of sadness of which we can tell, / Days when clouds gathered, and rain drops fell,” but “Through passing years sands may drift, and rapids whirl, / … I remain happy with Just My Girl.”

Love poem by R. D. Lingo, Christmas 1946

Sarah must have loved that poem and saved it all her life. Somehow it found its way to Squash a Penny Antique Store in Doswell, Virginia, where I bought it yesterday for $2. I have contacted whom I believe is a descendant of Davis and Sarah — I’d like to mail it to them. I’ll write more about the family soon; I’m just too swamped right now. But I’ll update this right away if I hear from the family.

In the meantime, I’ll post a photo and a PDF of the poem.


and Merry Christmas!

4 December 2019

Davis and Sara Lingo

Update: Found the family through a friend of theirs who is on ancestry.com. Here is a photo of the lovebirds which the family kindly provided. Speculation is that an Uncle Bob who once lived in Virginia may have brought the poem to these parts …

Click below to download a scan of the poem:

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